Why should I learn to sail a Dinghy?

If you’ve been considering sailing a Dinghy there are many reasons why you should go ahead. Firstly, if you have never sailed before it’s a wonderful way of learning how to sail. The responsiveness and lightweight nature of the small water contraption allows you to comprehend sailing fast, as you practice all that you have heard or seen others do.

However, remember that dinghies aren’t just lightweight they can also vary greatly in size so be mindful of this when considering the type pf dinghy you wish to learn in – Optimist Dinghies are great for children to learn but may not be particularly suitable for adults. You will need enough room for your head and leg as you sail and sitting on a thin rail patiently.

Those who are slightly heavier or taller might end up sitting on the surface of the dinghy. Essentially you must be comfortable in any of these areas depending on your weight and height. As you sail the dinghy, agility is critical; quick responses are required with the perfect weight shift when needed as irregular shifting in the dinghy may end up with a capsize on your hands.

So let us look at some of the specific reasons why learning dinghy sailing is worth it:

They aren’t intimidating

Looking at a dinghy closely or from afar you get the feeling that you can do it. They’re very nice to look at and not as scary as other water vehicles. A dinghy actually draws you to itself and you can’t say no once you complete your first sail.

You can car-top it

A dinghy isn’t as huge as other boats out there and car-topping isn’t really hard. The ease of car-topping largely depends on the dinghy’s width and weight including your car size as well as the rack in use.

Versatile in different ways

The versatility of a dinghy is very clear, particularly because it can be sailed, motored and rowed depending on what you would like. However, if all you want to do is sail then you will be able to find the right boat for you.  As we are a site dedicated to optimist inghies we are slightly biased as we think these have their own audience right from the start such, as beginner sailors and children.

Stable all the way

While it’s light and tiny, a dinghy is quite sensitive once you’ve stepped into it. However, the shape of its hull brings in some stability once you’re underway and well positioned. Unless you capsize of course.

Easy to handle

One of the reasons why you should learn to sail a dinghy is the simplicity of handling it. Even a small child can easily sail it in a stable fashion as well as launch, rig and even move it about.  Some dinghies also have a keel wheel built for easier movement while on land.

You can also use one that has inflatable tubes, which add some much needed stability and an additional carrying capacity. They are also rugged throughout, affordable and versatile and can be bought with a sail or without.

Best way to remain in shape

If fitness is high in your mind rethink the benefit a dinghy comes with. They help you to remain in great shape, will get you fit and provide wonderful health benefits not just for the body but also the mind as it can bring a family together and provide much needed relaxation.

It is also the perfect way of developing a hand-eye kind of coordination, muscle strength and balance as well as enjoying the outdoors around you.

Dinghy sailing is great for the body and mind- handling and manning a dinghy is a huge self-confidence booster and here at Optimistdinghyforsale.com we can provide your perfect starter boat in the form of an O

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